Another Thursday is here, and it’s a CLASSIC!

Another Thursday is here, and it’s a CLASSIC!

Hey gamer’s,

Mark here with another Classic Thursday, this time, we visit a Sega Dreamcast game, Speed Devils. The Sega Dreamcast is my most favorite system to date, followed by the Playstation 3.

Speed Devils was an incredible game for its time, one that I pop in the Dreamcast every now and then. Enjoy the video below.

This gaming footage was captured using a video upscaler connected to my Elgato HD60. My VGA box, for what ever reason, is not compatible with my HD60, so I had to use S-Video. To combat the ugliness, I used the GameSack ScanLines filter for Final Cut Pro X. It helps, but I think I will have to find a decent VGA upscaler to use instead.

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