Three Video Game Cover Musicians You Need to Hear (Opinion)

YouTube and the Internet, in general, is full of fantastic artists and musicians. But I want to draw your attention towards three musicians who, at some point in their careers, did great and unique covers of video game music. 

First up we have the talented violinist known as Lindsey Stirling. She covered a bunch of video game songs early in her career and collaborated with some very talented individuals (including Lizzy Hale from Hale Storm and Pentatonix).

What makes her covers stand out is the unique blend of violin with other styles, including dance, a Capella, rock and more. Check out her cover of the Skyrim theme:

Next, up I present Smooth Mcgroove. His videos consist of his voice and only his voice. And his cat. This a Capella sensation does a tremendous job of recreating video game songs. If you are into video game music covers at all, you simply need to check out his catalog of covers.

Last but certainly not least is FamilyJules. This fine lad does heavy metal covers of video game music. He somehow manages to make every song he covers sound even better than the originals. But maybe I only think that because I’m a metal fan myself. Whatever the case, he is an extremely talented guy. It is also worth noting that he contributed music to the indie title Crypt of the Necro Dancer (which can be found on Steam).

There you have it, three of the best Youtube musicians that cover video game music. Obviously, there are many others so I’m reaching out to you! Who are some of your favorite musicians when it comes to video game covers? Let us know in the comments and maybe we’ll feature them in a feature in the future!